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Professional Home Inspection Reports

When considering a home inspector, you should always obtain home inspection reports from any and all prospective inspectors. At Olsen Home Inspections, we're confident that our reports are exactly what you need, and will soon offer a link to a sample of our inspection report. We want you to hire us on with as much knowledge as possible so you can stay informed from the first step to the last, and we believe that comparing inspection reports is the fastest way to determine the quality of a company's workmanship.

When viewing our report and speaking with our professionals, it will quickly become clear just how professional we are and how thorough our inspection really is. We don't just produce a handwritten report. Instead, we offer up a full, digital checklist with a narrative that details each and every concern identified throughout the course of an inspection. We give you all the details without any unneeded frills, letting you take the information at base value and determine how best to proceed from there. You may not be able to test drive a new home like you can with a new car, but we offer the next best thing with our comprehensive inspection. Contact us now to get your report and learn how we keep it safely stored for your future use.

View a Sample Home Inspection Report